GOALS for 2022 legislation 

People with Masks

Consumer Safety (2022)

Minnesota hemp industry lacks safety regulations for the end consumers. Our beliefs and goals:

  • All cannabinoids products must be fully lab tested by USDA recommended lab. 

  • Clear and obtainable label regulations 

  • 21+ on all CBD, Isomers and Hemp Derivatives

  • Child Proof Packaging 



  • Push for CBD and Delta 8 Edibles to stay legal in Minnesota

  • Milligram regulations for Delta 8 edibles per unit

  • Milligram regulations for Delta 8 edibles per package

  • Milligram regulations for Full Spectrum CBD edibles unit 

  • Milligram regulations Full Spectrum CBD edibles per package 

Justice Scale

Fix Loveless Loophole

  • Close the loophole identified by State v. Loveless
    and seek legislation that removes hemp-derived liquid from Minnesota’s Controlled Substances Act.

Keep Delta 8 Legal

  • Help develop a state license program that allows the sale of Delta 8

  • Online retailers must have 3rd party age checker to keep out of the hands of children (upload ID)

  • 21+ on all Delta 8 sales 

  • Proper warning labels on Delta 8 products

  • Require Full Panel DEA lab report on all Delta 8 products.