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To become a member all you need to do is fill out the information below. Make a one-time payment per year for membership.


The benefits of becoming a member of MCA:

- We update you on hemp regulations in Minnesota.

- We are the largest hemp-related association in the State of Minnesota. 

- We provide resources to retailers, farmers, processors (banking, printing, processors, insurance companies) 

How do we spend the money we generate? 

-  95% of funds go towards lobbying efforts. 

Our lobbying goals: 

1) To fix the Loveless loophole

2) To keep Delta 8 & Delta 10 legal in the State of Minnesota. 

3) Help create better safety regulations for CBD and other minor cannabiniods. 

4) To allow Minnesota companies to make & sell CBD food products. 

If you are a member and signed up in Oct 2019, we have not canceled your membership and extended your membership until  December 31, 2022. We understand the circumstances of Covid-19. 

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