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Minnesota Hemp Association Calls for Research and Regulation Amid Vaping Deaths

Association wants tighter regulation on who can get vaping products and more information shared about their potential risk

Minneapolis, MN (September 13, 2019) – The Minnesota Hemp Association, a 501(c)(4) trade organization representing farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and service providers in or entering Minnesota’s booming hemp industry, today today called for more research, regulation, and communication about vaping products following six deaths nationwide

Although preliminary indicators in the vaping deaths and illnesses relate only to illegal products containing THC and which may contain additives such as Vitamin E, the Minnesota Hemp Association is calling for more research and regulation in the industry writ large to protect consumers of any vaping product.


“The Minnesota Hemp Association wants to see smart, workable regulations put in place to ensure products are adequately and accurately tested, consumers are informed, and children and adolescents are protected,” said Joe Radinovich, MHA Executive Director.


“Adult consumers should be able to purchase and use products that have passed consistent tests and are in line with responsible regulation,” Radinovich continued. “We’re calling on state and federal agencies to provide guidance, research, and appropriate policies that inform and protect consumers.”


Recommendations of the MHA include:

  • A statewide ban on vaping products for individuals under the age of 21 unless under the recommendation of a medical professional and purchased at a certified medical cannabis dispensary

  • Research into the health implications of vaping conducted at the state level

  • Requirement that all vaping products undergo consistent, thorough, and standardized testing to ensure retailers and consumers are aware of the complete contents of the products they purchase and use


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